preteen MINISTRY

5TH & 6th GRADES

They're not quite children anymore. That's why we have dynamic, engaging, silly, and serious programs for preteens! Students in grades 5 and 6 meet every week for Sunday School and also gather on Wednesday night for a semester-based program. 


We build solid spiritual foundations in preteens with strong teaching led by Christ-centered adult volunteers. Sunday School--a book-by-book study--takes kids on a journey as they dig deep into Scripture. The active lessons build foundational Bible knowledge and skills, and encourages them to live what they learn everywhere they go. Preteens study the same Scripture each week as students and adults, allowing for meaningful lunchtime conversation.


Preteens don't enjoy church until they experience the of friendship. That's why we make each child feel welcome and wanted. Students come from many different schools (public, private, charter, and home school), so each and every one will fit right in.


Today's preteens can only sit still for so long! So our weekly programs offer variety including games, discussion, video, lecture, and hands-on activities.  Special events throughout the year offer preteens fun ways to grow faith and friendships.


Preteens learn about God’s Word and grow closer to God and others. Students gather with awesome volunteer adult leaders and tackle Bible study with teaching, discussion, videos, and interactive activities.

  • 360 CAMPUS :: 10:30am :: South Building, 1st floor
  • WEST CAMPUS :: 9:00am :: Students Room

worship service

Whether before or after Sunday School, preteens attend the worship service with their parents and their peers.


5th & 6th graders will take flight as they dive into God’s Word and learn about faith and life together. This semester-based gathering in geared on tackling topics about habits that change kids into followers of Jesus.

  • 360 CAMPUS :: 6:30-8:00pm during semester :: South Building, 1st Floor
  • WEST CAMPUS :: 6:30-8:00pm during semester :: Students Room


Walnut Ridge Baptist Church strives to provide a safe and secure environment for the minors who participate in our programs and activities, whether at authorized off-campus events or at church property. By following these practices, our goal is to protect the children and students of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church from incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior, while providing excellence in ministry to families. We intend for our church to be the safest place in town. All volunteers who come in contact with minors are screened and trained: (1) Submit to background check every two years; (2) Attend child safety training; (3) Take child safety test upon completion of training. These training materials are available upon request.

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For more information, please contact the church offices.

Tammy Sutton
Director of Children's Ministries
Email:  click here
Phone:  817.473.1461