Worship Ministry

Worshiping the Lord together is our priority each week here at the Ridge. Walnut Ridge hopes to reach out to a wide spectrum of people through the various styles of music. We strive for excellence and seek out ways to put our best effort into each worship experience.


A small group of singers assist in leading worship morning worship services at each campus. Membership on the Praise Team is through audition only.


Volunteers with at least four years experience on their instrument are invited to audition to play during worship services on each campus. 


We have two campuses and five worship services on Sunday mornings. There is a tremendous weekly need for volunteers to be camera and/or computer operators. If you have a desire to be used in worship or if God is leading you to serve our church in some capacity, come be a part of the a/v tech team. No experience required. It’s really quite simple to learn certain tasks and it’s built on a rotation so one doesn’t have to serve every week.


This is a non-auditioned choir for adult members at the 360 Campus. Anyway can just come and join us at rehearsal! The only prerequisite is a heartfelt desire to praise our Lord through song and the ability to match pitches.  The Celebration Choir sings a blend of hymns and praise choruses.


Volunteers with at least four years experience on their instrument to assist in leading worship at one of our worship services on the 360 campus.

Jaron Barrington, Music Minister

Linda Ann Hambrick, Administrative Assistant