Once a person makes a decision to follow Christ, he or she immediately becomes a part of a new family. This is a forever family! With God as Father, all followers of Christ become brothers and sisters. The Bible also says that new believers became part of the worldwide church, which includes every Christian all over the world in the present and in the past.  Pretty amazing, right?

In addition, the New Testament repeatedly refers to local churches, which met in homes and small gathering places in various cities. 

Bottom line: if you're part of the worldwide church, you should be a part of a local church. Walnut Ridge would love to be that church.

Membership at Walnut Ridge is about commitment. This church becomes committed to supporting and equipping your spiritual growth. You become committed to attend, volunteer, and support your church family.

how to join this church

To join Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, stop by the Next Step area at the conclusion of a worship service. One of our church volunteers will get to know you a little better by discussing two exciting spiritual truths:

  1. What it means to follow Jesus. (more info here)
  2. How to tell your story through believer's baptism. (more info here)

Whether you're new to the church scene, or grew up attending church, joining Walnut Ridge is a great opportunity to have a meaningful spiritual conversation with one of our wonderful volunteers.

If you are organized and like to plan ahead, feel free to print, fill out, and bring to Next Step area one copy of this form for each individual joining the church. Or, just show up at the Next Step area after a worship service and get a copy of the form there.

If you have questions about membership at Walnut Ridge, fill out this brief form.