Sunday School


We all desire to connect with others in meaningful friendships. At Walnut Ridge, our Sunday School classes provide opportunities to make new friends and build mutual support among a group of people. Classes encourage one another and meet practical needs of members and the community. Each Sunday School class is a little bit different. But they’re all about friendship .... faith .... fun! Whether you are new to our church, or a long-time member, finding a Sunday School class will energize your spiritual life and your social life.

What if all classes, from 7th graders through senior adults, studied the same Bible passage each Sunday? Can you imagine the practical conversations friends and family could have on Sunday afternoons? At Walnut Ridge, all Sunday School classes study the same Bible passage and truths each week. This helps create an atmosphere of discipleship in families and in classes.  Four times a year, members and visitors to Walnut Ridge can pick up a Daily Discipleship Guide with five days of helpful Bible reading the applies the previous Sunday's lesson to every day living. These books are available free of charge.

Explore the Bible is an ongoing book-by-book study of the Bible. Lessons are age-appropriate and written specifically for adults, students, and kids. In a culture starving for truth, God is calling us to do more than read His Word, He is calling us to know it and live it.  What's the big picture? Well, in nine years, every attender of Walnut Ridge will have studied all 66 books of the Bible in Sunday School!

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